Reason for using: tension, anxiety.

Side Effects: I would only take this for an acute fright attack. Not for normal use. I had some barrel pains and sensed a little too euphoric on this. Probably the most addictive benzo, whereas conspicuously it assists some.
I endeavored Paxil and considered I was going to die. This pharmaceutical is like having a Glass and a half of wine, but lasts longer and doesn’t make you drunk. Just takes the for example off. It calms me down throughout a fright strike, but only if I let it. In other phrases, furthermore try to rest and understand that the meds will boot in. I freaking despise fright attacks, I’d rather misplace 3 appendages or have alimp for remainder of my life other than have a PA. Word to the wise. I you only bear disquiet and fright, don’t let your doc put you on a lecapro, pacil, zoloft, etc. without first endeavoring xanax for a month to glimpse if it can take the for example off and then throughout that time search therapy and natural means. Yeah this stuff is addicting, but have you read what the ssri withdrawals are like…living hell. Especially for a panic/anxiety individual who will concern certainly about the withdrawals and side effects (LIKE ME)

Reason for using: anxiety.Side Effects: Sleepyness, yawning and the feeling that it was going to ware off. Not to mention it strike me to very quick and all i liked to do was sit. It was rather retarding. Unlike diazepam (valium) Xanax didn’t do it for me and Xanax furthermore provided me a gentle case of the gentle munchies the first time it booted in.In my attitude, Xanax is better as a dozing pill. Valium is better for disquiet than Xanax. Xanax was just to… I don’t understand, but I didn’t proceed out and get a job or converse to persons that much when I was on it. I was still suspending round the house. So after endeavouring it and not being persuaded I went back to valium.

Reason for using: Anxiety,Panic Attacks,& Agoraphobia.Side Effects: NoneXanax has been a life hoarder for me. When I was first identified with fright attacks, I didn’t depart my dwelling for nearly 3 months. I couldn’t handle it. The medical practitioner put me on Zoloft and Xanax. The Zoloft really initiated more difficulties, so I halted taking it. I have been on Xanax for about 4 years now at .25 mg. I only take it when I need it and I may proceed months without a fright strike and not have to take it. But when I get actually worried out I may take 3-4 a day. I utilised to concern about the addictiveness, but have had no problems. Without Xanax, I don;t understand what I would have done. I’ve eventually figured out that I’m not going to pass away from the attacks (took a while to number that out), so they arrive less and less. I still have to take it if I proceed to a live performance or any place there’s going to be a large gathering of people. But atleast I can proceed to those locations rather than of concealing out at home. It’s a large help if utilised correctly.

Reason for using: Anxiety and trama over lawsuit.Side Effects: A little drowsy at times but furthermore expanded power, better aim, expanded appetite, beatings contradictory thoughts, decent doze aidAbsolute marvel pharmaceutical for me. I take .25mg (white pill) 4 – 5 times a day and before sleep. Clonopin and anti-depressants did not work for me and made awful side effects. I could stay on Xanax remainder of my life and be fine with it – likely would elongate my life – it wholeheartedly turns off the stressors in my body – yes I still concern – but without the awful personal symptoms affiliated with tension and anxiety.