Payment Options

There are multiple ways you can pay for your order. My preferred payment methods are BitCoin, Western Union and Money Gram. The reason behind them being my preferred payments methods is that all your data will be secured and no third party will be involved.

  1. Bitcoin: ANONPaharm is dedicated to provide quality medications in a safe and anonymous way, while retaining the privacy of it’s customers. In keeping with that philosophy, I have chosen Bitcoin as the currency for transactions on my website.Bitcoin is an anonymous currency because it is possible to send and receive bitcoins without giving any personally identifying information.
  2. Western Union/Money Gram: It’s the second best option to pay off your order. To make it secure and anonymous I will be using offshore agents to process Western Union/Money Gram. It also helps me to keep my identity hidden.
  3. Visa/Master, iTune Gift Cards: There’s an option to pay through visa/master prepaid cards. You can buy one from CVS, Walmart, Walgreen and other top rated stores. Tell me if you want to use this method.
  4. Paypal: I also offer PayPal payments but this option is only limited to returning customers only. You must have completed 3 orders with me before requesting PayPal.
  5. Debit/Credit Card: Accepted only for Benzos


  1. PayPal Name or Name on Billing address must be same as shipping address
  2. Do not select PayPal or credit card if you are going to dispute the transaction.
  3. Do not try to act smart. Send me an email if there’s an issue with your order.

Apart from these I do accept payments through Credit Cards, but you will need to pay 20% extra. Along with there is no liability of the data that is used for processing payments through Credit Cards. Reason behind this is that all the Credit Card transactions are processed by Third Party and I am not responsible for data that is given to the third parties (Credit Card Merchants).

If your Credit Card transaction fails than you will need to pay through other payment methods.